Indulge yourself 

Indulge yourself 

To boost your skin and look better you opt for a facial. If you are in need for a quick girly touch-up you can choose for pampering your hair and nails and get your make-up done.

Pascaud is for men, women ..... for everyone !

What makes Pascaud unique is the total innovative vision on beauty. The success story of Mardge Pascaud begins in 1989 with a 19-year-old beautician who was looking for the perfect balance between inner and outer beauty. Her search resulted in Pascaud Beauty Innovations, a strong name that stands for excellence in treatments, products and equipment. Beauty is something we want to present to everybody. We base our concept on the so-called Beauty Triangle. Three concepts that continue to support each other and are intrinsically linked:

outsideOutside In Beauty

Using powerful Cosmeceuticals (products which, in terms of efficacy, are between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) at home or during treatments at the institute.

insideInside Out Beauty

A healthy diet, supplemented with pure and natural nutritional supplements, the Nutriceuticals (supplements of pure natural pharmaceutical quality).

zenZen Beauty

Learn to think positively and live your life in a meaningful manner. Aim to be surrounded by the things that make you happy. This also means using methods and products that do not damage your integrity. 

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